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- the ceo's of ford, chrysler, and gm say they'll take a salary of just $1 a year. >>> officials in india are blaming pakistani terrorists for the ten violent attacks in mumbai last week. u.s. secretary of state condoleeza rice is visiting the area hoping to ease tensions between the countries. >>> a surprising number of teens admit they cheat on tests. in fact, a study found 64% of high school students do it. teachers and students say there's a lot of pressure on teens to succeed. >>> as if 14 olympic gold medals weren't enough -- swimmer michael phelps has won a new title. "sports illustrated" named him sportsman of the year. >>> that's headlines for this week, for "teen kids news, i'm lauren. >>> most kids are able to take their health for granted. but not those who have to cope with an illness that starts when you're young and lasts a lifetime. felipe tells us what it's like to manage a life threatening disease. felipe? >> reporter: jessica, it takes a lot of responsibility. kids who have type 1 diabetes can never put it out of their mind. >> when i first found out, i couldn't believe
, to places on the other side of the world, like india. and it wouldn't be possible without teens. >> teenagers are powerful. the youth is powerful. and by getting involved, and realizing that you're important, that you're worth it. you can make a change in your own community. with that as a part of your life, you can do anything. >> i've got to see a house from the beginning, where it's an empty lot, to a finished product, which is great. and i hope i can continue working with habitat the rest of my life. >> if you want to get involved, see if your school has a habitat for humanity club you can join. if it doesn't, consider starting one. visit and follow the links to learn more. mwanzaa? >> thanks felipe. >>> the word "meh" -- m-e-h. it used to be something only a "simpsons" fan would say. but a major dictionary has now made "meh" an official word. it means "i don't much care." as in, would you rather watch re-runs of "one tree hill" or "gossip girl?" meh. >> hey, i love those shows! >>> coming up next -- the few. the proud. nicole takes us on a special visit wit
floodwaters. at least 10 people are missing there. >>> there is another dark situation unfold anything india today as police and volunteers seven for the bodies on a scene of a devastating landslide. at least 43 people were killed when heavy rains triggered this slide in remote villages. searchers are having a tough time finding the remaining victims because of poor conditions there. >>> closer to home this morning, divers are returning to the murky waters of hudson river to resume the search for victims and the wreckage of saturday's mid-air collision between a small plane and a sight-seeing helicopter. all nine people involved were killed. and this morning the national transportation safety board begins the effort to find out why. nbc's michelle franzen has the very latest. >> reporter: one day after the horrific midair collision, crews lifted the wreckage of the sight-seeing helicopter. they loaded it onto a barge so investigators can search for evidence. >> the helicopter sustained significant damage. they're going to be conducting further examination of the wreckage. >> reporter: just n
travel with doctors and other volunteers to countries near and far like honduras, india, kenya and vietnam. grace joined them on a mission to china. her job was to spend time with patients and their families and give them comfort before and after the operations. >> that was really, really interesting seeing such courage in such little kids. >> reporter: so what is the most enjoyable or rewarding thing about being an operation smile youth volunteer? >> well, the children wake up from their surgery and they are usually really disoriented and are really scared because they don't know anyone around them, and then we bring their parents in, and they see their kid for the first time, and they start to cry and it's really, really sad but it's an amazing experience because everyone's just so happy. >> reporter: operation smile was started by bill and kathy magee. they decided to get teens involved after their own daughter joined them on a mission. >> we said from now on there will always be high school students on our teams, we will always have university students. they are our future.
that will cut the fat so an india pale ale is great for that, this is ipa, and the interesting thing about these, these were designed to make the trip between britain and india, so the hop is acted as preverveive, last a long time and great with high fat foods. >> by the way, mouth wash bef i go to church. >> good idea. >> this is looks like thai food. >> spicy, ethnic food, you want to keep it local to where you're eating and that's my plan on how to pair properly. you also want something that has a greater ifme er ier i er ier . this is victory prima. this is a little hard to find but a delicious, really refreshing beer and goes really well with spicy food and then when i say keep it local, i mean this is what i'm always craving, when i'm having ethnic food, vietnamese, thai, asian, japanese, ioire always want to drink an asian beer. they're meant to be together. >> like a side. >> the sapporo we have here and eating spicy mexican, stick to mexico v a modello. barbecue, it's summertime. people have a misconception that guinness is high inical ris and really rich. it's actually refreshing. it i
pillow because we were selling a story. let's show the story. in india. >> the elder's s said the children are playing western games now and abandoning the old traditions. >> stay tuned for live updates. to an end to wbal radio as well. >> thank you. thanks for watching. captioned by the captioned by the national captioning institute >> president and general manager of jordan word leapt. >> more than 1 million students in maryland are going back to school. with school assessment test scores showing progress for a sixth straight year, school officials are looking to continued to improve the top- ranked school system. the quality education is a key to helping us emerge from the current economic downturn. we need better prepared students to meet the needs of a global economy. educators will face the normal challenges as they prepare for the swine flu and editing a to ensure the high school seniors pass their assessment tests and graduate. some will have more challenges than others. it will take the efforts of teachers, parents, extended family, neighbors, friends to make the scho
india to nepal. >> amazing. >> a million, you are amazing. what a kid. >> here is a look as what is coming at new at 6:00. >> two weeks after injuring her ankle, she is on our way back to work. >> maryland its four billion dollars in stimulus money. so where did the money go, and how many jobs did it create? >> and a historic vote since -- since judge sonia sotomayor to the world's highest court. >> like, local, late breaking. this is tv 11 news at 6:00. >> with this historic vote, the senate has confirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, a tavern, history, integrity -- temperament, and presence of mind to ably serve on our nation's highest court. >> that
in india, and an awful lot of the doctors doing it were educated here. >> but does the president have to look beyond the rich for taxes? >> well, yeah. there's just -- the middle class bears the real burden here. that's why the middle class is getting hurt. and what you keep hearing, i take the subway in the morning, and people, everybody talks about what their complaints are. it's new york. and paying taxes is something nobody likes. now, they like the services that taxes pay for, but you have to have the burden -- everybody's going to have to sacrifice, everybody's going to have to reach in their pocket if we're going to have a city and country of the future. >> does he have to reconsider that promise not to raise taxes on the middle class? >> i think we'll see down the road. in the end, the president has to deal with the reality, and some of the things are beyond his control. he makes commitments, and he tries to live up to them, and i think the courage of being able to say, look, the world is different than what i anticipated or what it was before and i'm going to have to face tha
65 others were wounded. >>> a dramatic rescue in india this morning where a 1-month-old baby was pulled out alive from the debris of a collapsed five-story building. the infant was unharmed. it is unclear why the building collapsed. >>> fighter jets were scrambled around the nation's capitol tuesday when a small plane crossed into restricted airspace. the cessna was forced to land at a maryland suburb. officials say the student pilot did not intend any harm. >>> 8:10. back to matt and ann. i guess it is confusing in the air around the capitol building. >> but a student pilot, you do not want to >> hot but not humid here either. 73 downtown. added for a high of about 90 degrees. tomorrow, 85 and isolated storms possible. >> that's your latest weather. >>> up next, senator kennedy and his wife vicki in their own words. but first, these messages. the chic tweed jacket. the sexy silk cargo pant. the tempting tunic. with wit, verve and a little nerve. pieces you'll love to pieces. at chico's. love it, love it, love it. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. choose
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)